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Anonymous asked:

please dont use women's public bathrooms, as a woman it makes me very uncomfortable to have someone with a dick using a place where im very vulnerable and if i saw you in a public bathroom id 100% be able to tell that you're not a woman.





Do you have x-ray visions that you look to peep into stalls and check the genitalia of strangers or do you just confront every non-cis looking person, ugly person and/or masculine looking person and accuse them of having a penis and therefore not being women?

Are you fine with trans *men* using the *women’s* restroom because some of them don’t have penis?

What about the trans women who don’t have penis? They can have a go?

Also you’re wrong I am 100% a woman. Policing me for certain traits as not counting as womanly will blow-back on cis women, like that cis lesbian who was not allowed to use the woman’s restroom.

I dunno bout you but the idea that there are cis women out there obsessed with checking other women’s crotches if they don’t fit into heteronormative standards of femininity makes ME very uncomfortable. 

In my 20 + years of life I have yet to see a single news story about a cis woman being attacked by a trans woman in a womens room

You know what I have seen though?

I’ve seen plenty of stories about US getting attacked by bigots when we use a womens room

I’ve seen news stories about us being dragged out and beaten in public by bigots while people stood around and did jack shit to help

So yeah

I really couldn’t give a fuck about what paranoid bigots think or feel about trans women using womens bathrooms

WE’RE the ones in danger when we use them, not cis women

^ realest of the real talk right there

Cinderella never asked for a prince. She asked for a night off and a dress.

Kiera Cass (via maxonshreaves)

Can somebody break this down for me? Why’s it so powerful? What exactly is it saying?

(via dakotacityukuleleorchestra)

Wow, this is great!  I never really thought about it this way before, but it’s actually true. And it makes me feel really bad for all the Cinderella haters out there (I know they exist, there was that one article by the mom who doesn’t like Disney Princesses and dislikes Ella most of all).

I think we’re so used to Disney girls getting a prince as part of their happy ending that we confuse this with wanting a prince from the beginning. (I know “Cinderella” is bigger than the Disney version but it’s what I am familiar with, so let’s focus on that XD)

Cinderella isn’t dreaming some impossible dream.  She wants to be treated decently and have the chance to find her own happiness.  And even in the bad situation she’s in, she does her best to be cheerful and good, because she has faith things will get better.

Cinderella is denied the status of her birth (forced to work as a servant for her stepmother and stepsisters) and mistreated, and clearly isolated from everyone else but the family (she’s making friends with mice and birds, come on).  She dreams of a better life, but she tells her animal friends that she “can’t tell” them what she’s been dreaming, because if you tell a wish it won’t come true.  Aside from this, she’s pretty practical, though.

"I know it isn’t easy," Cinderella says to her dog, knowing that he’s been dreaming of chasing her stepmother’s sadistic cat, "but at Ieast we should try to get along together."

And in fact, she doesn’t actually ask for a night off and dress. If things had gone as Ella wanted, she would have gone to the ball with her stepmother and stepsisters because she finished all her chores and updated her birth mother’s old gown to fit her.  Ella’s not asking for anything when her fairy godmother shows up — she has stopped believing in the power of dreams almost entirely at that point. 

Her godmother tells her she can’t go to the ball like this (all dressed in rags and crying), and Ella says “The ball? Oh, but I’m not—” and her godmother says of course she is.

"Even miracles take a little time."

Her godmother isn’t there to machinate things so Cinderella can marry a prince.  She’s there to restore Cinderella’s faith.

And it works.

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Reminder that Eddie Izzard is not cis male and openly identifies as trans, I see that getting erased and forgotten a lot.

Reminder that there’s a huge difference between transgendered and transvestite. He likes to wear dresses and heels and make up, he doesn’t identify as a woman.

Actor-comedian Eddie Izzard says being transgender is a gift

Eddie Izzard, coming out and f-m genderspazzing.

Eddie Izzard on Atheism, Transgender, and “The Invisible Bloke Upstairs”

Eddie Izzard actively uses the word transgender as an identifier for themselves. Transvestite is indeed part of their identity but it is very important not to erase their identity as transgender as well.

 Eddie Izzard does not identify “fully” as female but that does not change anything.

I am so happy right now omg, the existence of older non-binary trans people in the spotlight is so so so so validating. And I loved Eddie Izzard so much as it is! This is a wonderful day.

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