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Yeah ok remember that angry biology post I promised? Well I decided not to do it because it seemed like a waste of time. I mean, who cares what a bunch of people wrong on the internet about how biology works right?

Except, they were using their ignorance to claim that no woman, or very few ever, would be strong enough to handle combat, and that men are inherently physically superior by a very wide margin that makes it impossible for women to ever compete.

During the course of research into this utterly nonsense position(that there is no woman strong enough on this entire planet who could keep up in terms of combat…) I wandered into the Olympic and other records.

And I’ve started to notice something realllyyy interesting.

I looked into the weight lifting competition records and for comparable categories between men and women (58 and 56kg respectively) men have about a 10% edge on the women in terms of strength.(plainly in between 12 and 13%…)

I looked into the Marathon records for men and women. The last recorded records are from 03 for women and 2013 for men. That is those are the years with the fastest times.

Women’s fastest? 2 hours 15 minutes ~25 seconds.

Mens? 2 hours 3 minutes ~ 23 seconds.

The difference between them? About 10%(9.3% actually)

The world records for 100m dash? 9.58s for men and 10.49s for women.

The percent difference? About 10%.(A little over 9% actually…)

A wonder how deep this goes? Has this been staring us in the face the whole time? Are the actual difference in strength between highly trained, talented men and women really as simple as ~10%?

And if that is the case, then what does that say about women in the military? 

I’ll continue to look into it. I’m sure I’ll find some things that don’t match, but if on the whole this is a regularly found difference, I’m not sure what I’ll do with the information, but I’ll think on it.



Hey guys my emotionally abusive mom is about to pull me out of school and kick me out of the house, so I might need a place to temporarily crash this summer, just until I can get a job and save up a little money.  If you live in the DC/Maryland area, or just somewhere along the east coast, could you maybe message me?   

Also, if you don’t could you please reblog this so it gets around?

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